Copyright, AI-Created Images, and the Future of Photography: 

beekeeper workwear holding honeycomb generated by ai

The history of creativity and technology has often been marked by profound shifts, and today, the fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and photography stands at the forefront of transformative change. We take a look into the multifaceted landscape of copyright law in relation to AI-generated images, considering recent developments, global perspectives, ethical dilemmas, and practical case studies.

YouCam Perfect Photo Editor

YouCam Perfect Photo Editor Logo

We have once again dived into the digital manipulation waters with YouCam Perfect Photo Editor. Much like another app that we had reviewed, Lensa, this one provides a staggering number of parameters with which a given subject can be manipulated and tweaked.


Capcut Logo

Capcut (previously known as Viamaker) is one of the newest video editing apps that is available to download for free both in the Android Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Bytedance Pte. Ltd is behind the application (the parent company of TikTok) and as their tagline goes “Capture the moment and cut”, it’s easy to see where the naming convention comes from.

Screen Time – A Global Addiction to Connection in the 21st Century

Screen Addiction

Walking down your average street in your average city these days, chances are high that you’ve seen your fellow humans going about with their heads bowed down, engrossed in whatever important information or content is being viewed on their mobile phone at the time. Not many people could have predicted that something as innocuous as a mobile phone could bring about such drastic changes in the way we consume information and communicate as a species on the whole.


Pixtica Logo

A relative newcomer to the photo application scene, Pixtica was developed by Perraco Labs, a Barcelona-based developer that previously had a hit on their hands with their Cameringo App.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom Logo

Photographers all over should be very familiar with this app, as it has existed in the desktop environment since 2007. As we fast-forward to today, we’re looking at the mobile version of one of the world’s most popular non-destructive image manipulation applications.


Lensa Logo

What Lensa does, unlike most other photographic apps we have reviewed for this website, is that it expertly focuses on image manipulation concerning the user’s face and general appearance. Employing AI-powered technology, the application is able to analyze the various aspects of an image and focus on the individual in the frame.


Pixlr Logo

There is much to like about this application, as it really does offer just about all the relevant manipulation effects and tools for free. Of course, like many other applications available, this too has a paid plan that unlocks all the features.