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PicsArt Photo & Video Editor

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Company: PicsArt, Inc.

Number of installations: 500M+

Reviews: 10M+

Score: 4.2


Upon launching the application, you’re greeted with a login screen that offers a number of different options, including registering with your email address or logging in using your Apple, Google, Facebook or Snapchat accounts.

As with most photo editing apps, this one is not short on the number of editing tools and features it comes packed with. The layout should be familiar to most users, however, it might just come as a surprise to some just how many options are available. 

  • cropping tools 
  • effects filters 
  • retouching 
  • stickers 
  • brushes 
  • custom borders 
  • text overlays 
  • camera effects (lens flare) 

A number of other features make this application loaded for the user keen to push their photography to the next level. Providing you’re ready to pay for the privilege, of course. While you can use the application for free, a number of features are only available to those choosing the Gold package. There is a free 7-day trial that enables complete access to all the features, but your credit card will end up getting billed at the end of it. 

Like some of its biggest rivals, Picsart also provides a social network or community where users can “Create Your Own Network” and engage with other fellow photographers and content creators. Another interesting feature is the Challenges section where users are presented with different photographic tasks to complete and share with the community.


  • The wide range of features available
  • Quick and slick interface
  • The challenges


  • The price of admission to full features
  • Aggressive advertising to upgrade
  • Automatic billing feature upgrades to Gold, which can be costly