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Photoshop Camera Photo Filters

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Company: Adobe, Inc.

Number of installations: 1M+

Reviews: 12K+

Score: 4.5


In the world of photography and image manipulation, few companies can claim to have been there right when it all started, but such is the case with Adobe. The original creation dates back to 1987, with the Knoll brothers (Thomas and John) developing the software that was subsequently sold to Adobe Systems Inc. which then released the first iteration of the program, Photoshop 1.0 in 1990. 

Fast-forward to today, and many (if not all) of today’s most popular image manipulation applications owe a debt of gratitude to the pioneering efforts made by the Knoll brothers and the engineers that took over the project that would become the first widely accessible image manipulation tool. 

Adobe has over 25 different mobile applications that cover all sorts of categories, including today’s pick, Photoshop Camera Photo Filters.

When starting up the user is greeted with a colorful video introduction and a number of options with which to access it. You can sign up for a unique username with Adobe via email, or you can use your login details for either Apple, Google or Facebook. Once logged in, the user interface is simple and uncluttered, mimicking the look of your phone’s (or tablet’s) camera. Most of the features have been assigned to the extremities of the layout, with the Lens Library button in the top left corner offering users a wide variety of different lenses (or filters, effectively) to pick and choose from. From the standard lenses already installed, we have:

  • Portrait
  • Pop Art
  • Food
  • Scenery

This is perhaps the application’s most interesting feature as it has many different lenses that can drastically alter the look of a given image. Within each preset (or lens) the user has 4-5 different looks available, as they scroll through. To add more lenses, you simply scroll to the right and find the “add more” button. There you will enter the Lens Library which has many more looks available that are created by members of the Adobe community. Some of these include:

  • Infrared
  • Candy Noir
  • Golden Hour
  • Tropical
  • Urban
  • Cinematic 

When you decide upon a lens, you simply download it and it will then appear in the same location as the other lens presets. We have however observed that not all the lenses are created equally, and in some cases, there is a noticeable lag when switching between the installed options.


  • Simple to use interface
  • Lens library selection
  • No paid content or upgrades


  • Noticeable drop in quality when using some lenses