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Extra Colors to Spice Up Your Text

When you’re keen on adding a bit of extra color to your story posts, you’re given a fairly decent amount of shades to pick from, 27 to be precise. However, thanks to some clever (and somewhat sneaky) engineering by the folks over at Instagram, you’re able to access a full palette with a little bit of know-how. 

When you first open the application, you’re greeted with the feed (posts) of the people you follow, and you’ll see a little plus symbol in the top-right of the app. Navigate to it and press it, you will see the options:

  • Post
  • Story
  • Reel
  • Live

Select story and you’ll be given the option to choose whichever video or photograph you’d like to share with the world.

Instagram New Story
Instagram Select Photo or Video

Select whatever you wish, and then navigate to the top where you’ll see Aa, indicating text selection.

Once you’ve written up your message, you’ll see a few parameters you can then tweak:

  • Font selection
  • Text orientation
  • Color
Instagram Story

When you hit the color wheel, you’re then given the standard array of colors to pick for your text – for the purposes of this guide, we’ve gone for orange.


By sliding your finger across the different shades (to the right) you’ll see the 27 standard colors you can use. Once you have made the decision, press and hold on the color and a new bar will be revealed with a full spectrum to fine-tune your choice to your heart’s content.


Your story along with the written text (and the specific shade of whichever color you wanted) is ready to be posted!