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Boosting Your Post with Collaboration

One of the most interesting additions to come from the guys and gals over at Instagram recently is the ability to add collaboration on a post.

Instagram Collaboration is the latest feature designed to help you (and your collaborator) grow your community and increase your exposure. In a nutshell, it allows two accounts to share the same post, with the likes, comments and engagement being accumulated from both accounts on a single post.

The process is fairly simple. You begin by selecting whichever photo(s)/video(s) you’d like to post, and then go through your usual editing process (if any).

Instagram New Post
Instagram New Post Tag People

When you are ready to share your work, navigate to the final screen and select Tag People. There you will see the option to either Add Tag or Invite Collaborator.

Instagram Find Collaborator

Click on Invite Collaborator and use the searchbar (search for a person) at the top to locate whoever you’d like to collaborate with on that particular post. We’ve taken a fanciful approach to our selection for the purposes of this guide.

Instagram Select Collaborator

Once you’ve selected the chosen collaborator, you’ll see their tag appear on your photo along with a message notifying you of the current status of that post (before sharing).

Instagram Collaborator Status
Instagram Tagged Collaborator

For the collaboration to work, the other party must accept the invitation, however once they do, you will both be sharing the views/likes/comments, boosting the number of impressions by exposing the post to your respective followers. 

Be mindful though, if your collaborator’s Instagram account is curated based on theme or content or even color palette, the collaboration might potentially upset this balance, so it’s prudent to consult with the other party beforehand.