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Problems uploading/sharing stories


When attempting to post a story (be it photo or video) users are unable to proceed and are greeted with a “Your story has been removed”. This action persists, no matter how many times the user attempts to repeat the action. Thanks to the community guidelines that all Instagram users sign, there are numerous things that can be seen to be going against those imposed rules. When a user goes against these guidelines, Instagram often “punishes” those with a temporary suspension of features.


If you have ever encountered this issue, then you have infringed upon those guidelines and will be put on the “digital naughty step”. Depending on the severity, as deemed by Instagram, you could be limited for hours or sometimes days (or indefinitely, with some). The best solution, in this case, is to step away from the app for a period of time. It sounds simple, but it is exactly what Instagram wants you to do, and it is your best option.