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Problem refreshing Instagram feed


One of the most common issues that users have reported is their feed not updating or refreshing properly. Greeted with a message “Couldn’t refresh feed”, this is an intermittent problem that has been observed across multiple devices.


If you’re running an Android or iOS device, check if your phone has the correct date and time settings. It might sound a little unusual, but there have been problems with apps functioning correctly when this isn’t properly adjusted. Go to your settings and under the “Date and Time” section, make sure it’s set to automatic. 

Another possibility might involve installed 3rd party apps, automation tools for bots, that have been blocked by Instagram for potentially malicious activity, or, simply, for being a bot. This can result in a temporary block that appears like your feed is unable to refresh. Uninstallation of any such software should be a priority.

If none of the above is solving the problem, then it very well could be that Instagram’s servers are down, in which case you’ll just have to wait until it is resolved on the other end. If you’re ever in doubt about outages, you can check for the relevant information here: