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Uploading Multiple files in One Post on Instagram

Many are familiar with Instagram and it’s hard not to be, considering it is the most widely used photography sharing platform, not to mention an extension of the world’s biggest social network, formerly known as Facebook. Instagram is also, currently,  one of the most downloaded apps in the world, behind its parent company and the giant that is TikTok.

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Unlike TikTok though, Instagram is still used by countless photographers from all over the world, both amateur and professional. Amongst its many features, we will be focusing on adding multiple photos (and videos) to a single post. 

Since 2017, users have been enjoying the ability to upload multiple files to a single post. What makes this particular feature interesting, is that it allows users to create a series that could be neatly displayed under one post (think main photo/video plus the rest that follows). You can organize your latest photos and videos into a cohesive narrative, or allow yourself to not have to choose between your two favorite shots – why not include them all!  

So let’s go through the process, step by step, and reveal just how well you can utilize this feature (when it works!).

When you first open the app you’re parked on your feed, where you can see the posts of those you follow. At the top of the screen, on the right, you’ll find three symbols, one of which is a plus sign. Click on it and you’ll be given a number of options including:

  • Post
  • Story
  • Reel
  • Live
Instagram Add New Post

Select “Post” from the list and you’ll be taken to a new page from which you can select the photos or videos you want to upload. You can either access the files from the “Recents” directory (this is the default, although you can search your device’s entire library), or you can also use previously saved “Drafts”.

Instagram Select Photos

Once you have decided which ones you want to include, while in the same section you’ll notice across from the “Recents/Drafts” there is an icon with two squares and a camera icon. When you click on the squares you’ll be given an option to start adding the files to the post. You’ll notice a small circle appear in the top right corner of all the images, which will display the number in which the photo/video will appear in the sequence.


Once you’ve completed the selection, you’re given the option to review your selection and then by hitting “next” you’ll be taken to the final step before you are ready to “Share” your work. As previously mentioned, the maximum number is 10, but we recommend you try with a smaller number first, to make sure everything is functioning correctly


We mention this, as this feature had also provided a source of frustration for some who have reported crashes when uploading multiple files at once. While 10 is the maximum number allowed, some users reported crashes even when trying to upload as few as 3 files. It is vital to note, that this particular issue was caused by the inclusion of a video file along with the photos. One of the most probable reasons for this is a lack of storage and/or memory on your device. 

If this should happen to you, depending on whether you’re running Android or iOS, you’ll most likely need to clean your application’s cache (Android) or offload the app and reinstall it (iOS).