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Creating GIFs with Pixtica Camera App

One of the cooler features available on the Pixtica Camera is the ability to quickly create GIFs which can then be shared or uploaded. Fortunately, the process is itself very simple. 

When you first open Pixtica it defaults to PHOTO, however immediately to the right you can see the GIF bar which you need to toggle.

Pixtica Home Screen

After you’ve done that, the screen will briefly readjust (it doesn’t take a full resolution image when in this setting) and you will then be in GIF-taking mode. You will notice that the field of view is now a little narrower, as seen in the screenshot below.

Pixtica Gif Taking Mode

Once in GIF mode, you’re unburdened with a multitude of settings, instead, all you have is the trusty red record button in the middle with which you will record your gif.

The only changeable parameters in this mode involve applying some of the in-built filters over your images and this can be done by hitting the coloured wheel to the left of the record button.


As the whole point of recording your gifs involves motion (and repetitive motion) you can then think about what interesting activities you might want to make into a gif (jumping pets or dancing friends, for example). 

Once you’ve made your decision, it is simply a process of hitting that record button. The app then records for approximately 3 seconds and creates a loop from that. Hey presto, you’ve got yourself a gif!

Pixtica Gif Result

If you happen to have the free version of Pixtica, then your gifs will come with their watermarked logo in the bottom right corner. 

Unless you delete the recorded gif, all of these will end up in the Pixtica Gallery folder which, by default should appear next to your installed Pixtica application, as seen below.

Pixtica Gallery

From there, you can share your gifs via a multitude of applications, including Skype, Messenger, Telegram, uploading to cloud storage or just good old-fashioned email.